Saturday, August 25, 2012

Day 3: Trip to Riga

Day 3: Trip to Riga.

Every time I arrive to Riga I understand that I love this city VERY much. Old city, scores of cute cafes, narrow streets, original people, loud music in the cafes and quiet music on the streets, street musicians, little shops and big malls, beautiful old architecture and big bridge. I like even the air and the noise with silence.

In this time in Riga was big holiday. The Day of the city. And all 3 days (from Friday to Sunday) in Riga were a lot of interesting events. In Saturday in the evening a lot of people dance and sing in Riga. And we went for a walk. Honestly, in this day I met a lot of original people and saw a lot of  interesting things!

From the guys in the white masks on his face to the table in the form of suitcase with instruments ( to the point, this table is the real suitcase!). We ate at the Rock Cafe to the loud music, walked on the big shop and on the narrow streets.
We laughed a lot and enjoy Riga!


 Sad stone

 Hello, Obama!


 Hello, we are the mannequins!

 This table!

 It is one of the most tasty dishes I've ever ate!

 Wish you have amazing weekend!

P.S. I almost forgot to tell you! In one night in Riga, I saw 13 identical skirts!
Coral red maxi skirts! Such as this (and at the last photo):

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