Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Beige day

Good day, everybody!
I know that I need to tell you about my trip, but the next day (Day 4) was amazing and I have a lot of photos and information! I am doing this post now and I think that tomorrow you will see it. It will be big surprise!)

And now I want to show you my new outfit! I like beige color and have a lot of things in this "beige" gamut. And at the same time I like bright and colorful clothes and colors. And this crimson top perfect addition for my look.

Tomorrow you will see new post about fabulous place!

In early September we are waiting for a lot of surprises! Trust me!)



  1. Gorgeous! I love your belt!! I would love for you to visit my blog sometime!!
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  2. Chic lady!

    P.S. Feel free to visit my blog, let me know
    what you think of it and if you'd like we can follow each other
    on GFC.


  3. hey girl, i like the tan and neutral colors.

    very fresh


    1. Frank, thank you for you opinion!It is important for me! Thank you for your words!)