Monday, September 24, 2012

Videos: Louis Vuitton

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But I love my blog very much and I believe that you like them too. Today I want to show you some beautiful Louis Vuitton fashion videos! And in the next post you may see my new sketch!

 Louis Vuitton presents: "Cruising through time";


Marc Jacobs Interview: The Louis Vuitton Woman.

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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Exhibition of costumes by Alexander Vasiliev.

Exhibition of costumes by Alexander Vasiliev. The famous fashion historian Vasiliev gather 70 costumes (that are about 100 years old) in one place. These dresses are gorgeous.  Everything is clear without words. Enjoy!

Day dress called Robe Trotteur. Around 1905. :

 Silk satin wedding gown in ebony colour with lace applique decoration in the Art Nouveau style. Paris, 1896:

 Silk and chiffon evening gown with embroidery and velvet ribbon trimming. Fashion house Worth. Paris, 1913. Ostrich feather boa. :

 Silk chiffon, lame and golden lace evening gown with glass pearl and bead embroidery. Paris 1912-1913. :

Silk and tulle evening gown with glitter embroidery and artificial gemstore trimming. USA, 1914. :


Satin and chiffon ball gown with machine made lace and bead embroidered applique. Moscow, 1913. :
 Tulle ball gown, mesh, with agates and glitters embroidered on lace. 1905. :

 Machine made lace ball gown with inlets, embroidered with black glitters. USA, 1905. :
 Silk damask and muslin ball gown with bead, pearl, and glitter applique in the Art Nouveau style. England, 1902 - 1903. :

 Satin and velvet ball gown with glass bead and pearl embroidery. 1898 - 1900. From the collection of the former Brooklyn Museum, New York. :

Silk satin and mousseline ball gown ebroidered with pearls, artificial gemstones and glitters. 1904. :

 Corset made from silk, decorated with beads. Beginning of the 20th c. :

Fabulous exhibition!

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