Thursday, August 23, 2012

Day 2: Yellow&Orange, Mojito&Fun


Today is 23 August and this day not so good for me. BUT... I believe that ALL will be OK, no PERFECT. Wishwishwish!

Day 2:  Yellow&Orange, Mojito&Fun

Only I can at 1:30 AM knock down by head the shelf, break the vase, scratch the wall and break off the corner of the shelf! Bravo!)
After a sleepless night, I went to my favorite sea and white sand. By the way, I finally discovered the secret of why I love the Baltic Sea! It always makes a noise! And it's true.

Sport is the Rhythm.

 Dinosaurs or Sid from "Ice Age"?

I was the most bright and positive girl on the beach and in the city at this day. Because my yellow and orange sweater, which was knitting for me by my mother, is stunning! 

On the beach was very fun! We saw big red quad bike (and even rode a bit), flock of birds, which was flying in the form of number "1". And we even tried to make the photo shoot with bubbles! But the wind blew it. Balls flew quickly.

The evening wasn't worse than a day at the beach! We decided to go to the main pedestrian street in Jurmala! But we went to the streer along the beach and in this evening I saw the most beautiful sunset in the world. Much colors! Orange, yellow, red, pink, rose, purple, blue, violet, dark blue! Fabulous picture.

Then we went to an amusement park and a cafe. In the park we saw one of the most fearful rides in the world (though the most terrible - 180 meters - is located in St. Peterburg) and this is a smaller version - 45 meters. We didn't want to ride on it, BUT young guys (which drank a lot of mojito) wanted to try! It was so FUN! They shouted very loud and laughted a lot!) And then they wanted to ride on it one more time!)

 Good luck, guys!

In the cafe we ate tiramisu, cheesecake and cold ice cream with hot chocolate cake!

 Home mint!

Hope, you like my post and photos! Tomorrow I will tell you about our trip to Riga!

P.S. That day I walked about 10 kilometres! It was terrible, but fun! Training!)

Wish you have wonderful ideas and amazing mood! :)



  1. I love this whole post from the sunset to the rides to the mint tea! :)

    1. Abby, thank you very much! Very nice and important (for me) words!)

  2. Lovely photos! I love sea! :)


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    2. Thank you! Love sea very much too!)