Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Day 1: When we see the sea, we smile!

Hello everybody!

I am here! And last night I arrived from my road trip! I was in… Jurmala and Riga, Latvia. I really love this places. And I had amazing rest! It was fabulous! But about ALL you learn in order. So, let's start a story about my road trip!

 Day 1: When we see the sea, we smile!
 In this day (16 August) was a LOT OF surprises! Good and bad. Neither of my days aren't complete without a drop of madness!
Half of the day we were at the sea, and the other - at home. Because our house is just gorgeous! And I was surfed the internet about 3 hours and I searched an information about interesting exhibition/museums, places in Riga.

We walked for a long time and found very big trampoline! I jumped as five year-old child! It was fun!

The most incredible sea? For me - the Baltic Sea.  Yes, there are a lot of beautiful seas:  the Ionian Sea, the Mediterranean, the Adriatic, but neither sea isn’t more powerful than the Baltic. And this white sand, gently doesn't exist (perhaps only in Bali or the Maldives). It is incredible to walk on such a soft, almost white, sand to the cold raging sea, which is so kindly and with such fury and passion meet you. I like that the sea could be different: delicate and warm or ice cold and vehement, but it always powerful and unique. In the evening, the sky was brighter and the sea was warmer, but still I was in jeans and a sweater.

 Tomorrow NEW POST! 

Wish you have wonderful day!


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