Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Day 1: We are going in Taranto and believe in Love.

Hello hello! :)

Today is Wednesday and a few days later I am going to other place! Travelling – one of the most interesting thing in the world.) Excuse me for not writing so long. But I was in the place, where I hadn’t internet. But now I am here and I have a lot of interesting information for you! First of all, I have new updated blog! (Thanks for that to my friend Nastya). I like my new blog very much and hope that you like it too. :)

In the future you will see a lot of outfit posts, posts about stylists and designers and about their collections, you will see my new sketches and read some posts about different countries!
So, today I decided to tell you about my travel in Italy! So, enjoy!

                                 So...we are in Italy, Taranto!

 Taranto is the center of region Apulia. Yes, we are on the heel! :) It is fabulous city and I like this place very much!
 It is my new outfit. You can find it on my page in LookBook ( Follow!

So, the map in the hand and good mood!)

Main pedestrian street in Taranto, Fabulous houses...

In the city we have been alone! Because we arrived in the Taranto in the siesta, when all people slept. ;)

But some cafes worked and we ate tasty dessert!)
         Wh!te YO!

Big square with a lot of shops and cutest cafes!

Why I like palms? ( Have more than 50 photos of palms only)!

 The rain started and we decided to go in the restaurant. Empty streets, rain, good mood and fabulous lunch! Honestly, when I tasted this salad in other country, I said, that it is tasteless dish! But in Italy (where this salad "Caprese" is one of the national dishes) I decided to taste it once again. And what do you think? In Italy this salad cooked VERY tasty! I advice (but only in Italy)! ;)

In Taranto we found amazing flower shop! 

I told you only about half of our fabulous day in Taranto! In the next post you will read more about our travel!

 Thank you for attention!

Enjoy this day and smile like Cheshire cat! ;)


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