Thursday, July 5, 2012

Missoni Autumn/Winter 2012/13

Today my new little post about new collection Missoni Autumn/Winter 2012/13! Why little? Because it is new type of articles. Burberry  Prorsum – full report and this article – brief report.
Ok, begin.

Place: Universita Statale (University of Milan), Milan, Italy;

Author: Angela Missoni;
1.       Main: dark/light grey, ginger, chocolate, dark aubergine( generally gloves), hemp, ochre, brown, caramel, jean colour, light blue;
2.       Complementary: dark/light green, black, orange, saturated blue, dark blue, light purple, bordeaux, metallic;

1.       Uneven borders of the coat’s and dresses’ hems;
2.       Combination of 3 different patterns in one outfit;
Accessories: very big rings, bracelets, gloves to the elbows, fur hats, belts, bags;
Details of the collection:
1.       Coat on the floor;
2.       Print: coloring of a giraffe; fire print; strange water stains;
3.       Leather insets instead of the low neck and between pectoral department and neck department;
4.       Trousers with different colours and material panels;
5.       Belts (sometimes double: on the waist and hip);
6.       Long dresses;
7.       Fur vest and fur collar;
8.       Bolero on the shoulders in form of scarf;
9.       Very long gloves to the elbows and massive ring over their;
10.   Annular necklace;

Top -5 my favourite outfits:

1.       This outfit hooked me with its brightness. Very interesting bolero with longs sleeves smoothly segue in a dress with the same colours. Strict leather panel and this unintelligible ginger and ochre panel on the dress add to this outfit zest! Belt which emphasize waist, massive ring and little bag. Fabulous!
2.      I like this outfit because it seems that long dress on one shoulder with strange water light blue and dark blue stains put on over this light blue pin-striped sweater. It looks unusually. 
3.       I fell in love with this dress, really! This strange cold, clear lines but pastel shades look fabulous! And do you see the hem? Openwork crooked line! And this leather gloves and panel, belt and necklace. Fantastic mixing two styles: strictness and softness. 
4.       Dress with giraffes print looks like safari-dress, but pastel coat and bolero make this outfit colder. I think that mixing this 2 styles very unusual idea! Giraffe print is amazing! This light blue pin-striped coat with wide expressive border and bolero are fabulous! And do you see gigantic ring and 1 earring? Stunning outfit!
5.       This dress really hot! I don’t want to tell you about gloves and panel, but look to the hem! Uneven borders looks like body of flame! Dark purple and then orange! Amazing! Plus this exotic patterns. Looks very hot and immensely!
Bravo, Missoni!

Thanks for attention!


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