Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Burberry Prorsum: Autumn/Winter 2012/13

It's my little article about new colletion Burberry Prorsum.
Place: Kensington Garden, London, England, Great Britain;
Collection’s author: Christopher Bailey;
  • Main: white, dark/light grey, black, olive, chocolate, burgundy, plum, mustard-yellow, brown, dark blue, aubergine color;
  • Every outfit have belt;
  • All models (except men) wear identical ankle boots on the stiletto heel;
Accessories: Belts, Bags (clutch and big bags), gloves, umbrellas, caps.

‘I’m not crazy, but once dyed my hair blue! ’ Christopher Bailey

What makes this man on the main runway of London is a sensation. About his Fashion shows talk daily. He raised the company to the next level. About him talk, his clothe wear and he manages the weather.

Say that Burberry's collection in this year very well - don't say nothing. It's fabulous!

How he so artfully mixed simplicity with elegance, nobody knows, but this, undoubtedly, possible to him. Well-designed outfits, well-sewed skirts and coats, ankle boots on the stiletto heel, belts and, of course, his favorite tweed caps. Refined feminine skirts with flippy hems Christopher combine with massive short-cut coat with thin rope-like belt.

 Double-breasted coats with double collar, different panels, bulging sleeves on the classic white blouses, as well as buttons placed in 2 rows on the coats, skirts and jackets. 

Impressive accent in this collection, undoubtedly, be on the legs and hips. Pencil skirts, massive pockets, belts and the average density grey tights in horizontal strips emphasize legs and hips. Of course, ankle boots on the stiletto heel very stretch silhouette. Almost in all jackets have made the accent on the shoulders and assembled sleeves. Great attention in this collection Christopher allot to the skirts. First, all models (except men) are wearing skirts. No one trousers! Skirts made with the addition of different elements: undulating peplums, classic peplums, flippy pleats at the entire length of the skirt in 2 rows, massive pockets, and buttons. Golden zips on the skirts always in sight. Simply but, undoubtedly interesting look ordinary volant (flying) striped skirts to the knee together with incredibly tailored jackets. Incidentally, all jackets are different! On the runway didn’t appear identical jackets. In each following version something added, removed or changed cardinally.


  I really liked that Burberry mixed business skirts with daily, simply T-shirts or pullover with print in the form of owl or dog or someone else bird. This is just that element without which the collection wouldn’t be such light and elegant. Owls, which lay with stones and large, massive rows of stones (emerald green and sand-coloured colours) laid on the T-shirts or cast collar, add some zest to the collection, enliven her.


As concern unusual pattern: dark-plum violet dress with burgundy flowers and chocolate bows on the shoulders was amazing.

 Dress colors of hemp with mustard-yellow flowers separated out from collection by the gloves with barbed. 

And my favorite dress with transparent inset is stunning.

 Fashion show completed model Cara Delevingne in a luxurious dark-purple coat.

What happen at the end of this show? This hasn’t made any designers. When the runway was empty, on the transparent roof suddenly began rain and thunder, inside Kensington Garden began snow. All models on the final output come out with open umbrellas. It was fabulous. Control the weather couldn’t even more any designer. Bailey has surpassed himself.

  The show was consistent, original, elegant and at the same time very simple. Model’s style thought out very well. Sew all gorgeously. Considered to the little details show Burberry will long be discussed. And what Bailey did at the end struck absolutely everyone. Bravo, Burberry!

Thank you for you attention! Lima.

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